Bad news for drivers: fuel prices are on the way to a painful jump

The price of fuel is soaring (Photo Flash 90)

Not so happy news awaits drivers. After the fuel excise tax continued with a discount of half a shekel for two more weeks from 11/15, until the announcement of the next change in fuel prices for December 2022, this after the Ministry of Finance distributed a draft of a new customs order, prepare to pay more on 1/12 when the benefit expires.

Next week, the reduction of the excise tax on fuel by one full shekel expires, the decision whether to extend the order or not, will go to the new Minister of Finance as soon as it is decided who he will be and currently it appears that the order will not be extended. This means that the price of fuel will jump again above NIS 7 per liter of 95 octane gasoline and perhaps even reach the area of ​​NIS 7.5 per liter.

As I recall, the price of fuel rose on the night of election day on November 1 to an amount of approximately NIS 6.46 per liter (according to my own calculations) this is in light of the increase in oil prices in the world. As mentioned, on the night between November 15 and 16, another increase of half a shekel in the price was supposed to take effect, due to the end of the period in which the reduction was supposed to take place.

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Despite the problems in making the decision to continue the discount, this was approved for a total of two weeks and at the beginning of December the price of the new fuel will be published in accordance with the changes in the price of oil in the world and a further increase in the price is likely to be expected even if there was a discount on the excise duty price.

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