This is how you will travel on a low budget in London

Full of culture, history and class, London is at the top of many travelers’ must-see list, especially now inChristmas period and the shopping deals. At the same time, the city is an expensive destination to travel to, when spending on attractions, restaurants and shops can add up to quite high amounts. But there are some really easy ways to visit London on a limited budget that anyone can follow:

  • Find the free stuff

    You can find a lot of attractions for free | Photo: Alex_Mastro, shutterstock

    One of the advantages of a huge city like London is that it has a lot of free stuff. There is a huge selection of free attractions, museums and shows. The Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the Museum of London and the British Museum are all, you guessed it, free. Don’t underestimate the city’s parks and nature, especially Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Hampstead Heath. One of the most popular free attractions in London is the Changing of the Guard ceremony, which combines history with an impressive show.

    There are also lots of free events around town. Pay particular attention to art exhibitions, readings in bookstores and concerts at noon – all free of charge.

  • Eat on a budget

    You should buy groceries and go on a picnic | Photo: andersphoto, shutterstock

    Cheap eateries are everywhere – look for traditional cafes, food carts and delis where you can buy pre-made sandwiches. On clear and sunny days, buy fresh groceries from one of the local markets such as Borough Market: fruits, vegetables, wine, cheese and olives, and put together the perfect picnic in one of the city’s many parks.

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  • Oyster Card

    London subway newspaper (Photo: Pack-Shot, shutterstock)

    With the card you can travel as much as you want | Photo: Pack-Shot, shutterstock

    The Oyster Card is a rapid transit card in the public transportation system. You can load the card with several trips within the areas where you travel. Depending on how many rides you pay for in advance, it can be as much as 50 percent cheaper than single-ride tickets. The other positive side is that it also gives you travel on the bus and light rail systems.

  • Purchase the London Pass

    Big Ben London (photo: andersphoto, shutterstock)

    With the London Pass you can visit all the main attractions | Photo: andersphoto, shutterstock

    If you are one of those tourists who must mark all the main sites with a V, invest in a London Pass. This tourist card will cost you 79 pounds (NIS 320), but it is good for two days and gives you access to 32 attractions and public transportation. The London Pass includes many of the city’s must-see sites, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the British War Museum.

  • airbnb

    Notting Hill (photo: I Wei Huang, shutterstock)

    It’s worth checking apartments for rent. Notting Hill | Photo: I Wei Huang, shutterstock

    From the grand hotels of the West End to rooms on a budget, London can be quite an expensive city in terms of accommodation costs, even in the cheapest accommodation. So search on Airbnb for discounted rooms and apartments, among the hundreds of apartments that are advertised, some of them offer accommodation in a room in a shared apartment. In addition, you can prepare food in the apartment, a significant way to save money.

    Decide where you want to stay, and be aware that it doesn’t always pay to be in the heart of the city – accommodation far away is significantly cheaper, and with your transport card, you can take the subway straight to Piccadilly Square in the center.

  • Travel from the airport

    Heathrow Airport (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid, GettyImages IL)

    Taxis are usually expensive from the airport | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid, GettyImages IL

    Getting to the city from the airport naturally depends on the budget. You can take the subway, which is the cheapest option, but you will have to deal with carrying your bags and luggage. If you have light luggage this is not a problem, otherwise you may want to arrange for a taxi to meet you on arrival. Try not to grab a random taxi as they are often much more expensive.

  • Free tours

    Neil Alley, London (Photo: Paolo Paradiso, shutterstock)

    Check out the free tours around the city | Photo: Paolo Paradiso, shutterstock

    Take a free walking tour. Although the guides are not professional, they are local and are usually students and enthusiastic volunteers who love to take travelers for a walk in their city. It’s a great way to get to know the highlights of the city, and is often accompanied by some anecdotes and hidden points from the guides.

  • Cheap theater tickets

    West End London (photo: cowardlion, shutterstock)

    You can get discounted tickets for shows | Photo: cowardlion, shutterstock

    There are some shows in the West End (London’s theater scene area) that offer particularly cheap tickets if you’re of a certain age and willing to get there early on the day of the show. That’s why it’s worth checking which shows are on on a day that suits you, and go to the box office right when they open.

  • Book an interior or windowless room

    London Ritz Hotel (photo: Chrispictures, shutterstock)

    Pay attention to the type of hotel you sleep in | Photo: Chrispictures, shutterstock

    Many hotels in London are in historic heritage buildings that cannot be altered by law, which means some rooms will be less spacious, but ideally located than others. If you really want to save, ask for rear rooms, or, at places like Z Hotels and the Hub by Premier Inn, you can get a big discount for a room without windows. It’s not the most fun, but you won’t be in the room much anyway.

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