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Fans of the Basel complex in the city are surely already familiar with Noa Geller’s Tatamtam boutique. The boutique opened in 2015 embraces Israeli fashion – from the GALLER collections to bags and jewelry by local designers and a selection of imported shoes.

Behind the brand stands the designer Noa Geller, 41 years old, in a relationship +2, who came from Kfar Hess to the big city 21 years ago, but still considers herself a Moshavnikite.

From Geller’s winter collection (Photo: Liron Wiseman)

“I founded the brand about 8 years ago after a decade in which I was engaged in importing fast fashion from East Asia. It all started with an idea for a small T-shirt collection with original prints that I created of the birds and flowers of our country. Over time the collections grew and grew, today I produce large and diverse collections several times a year.” she tells “At the beginning of the business I would buy fabrics from local importers, and several years ago I started flying to Italy and producing the rolls of fabric there from old factories that are passed down from generation to generation and produce textiles for the best Italian companies. At the same time, I buy there surplus production of Italian brands, fabrics that, instead of being sent to landfills, are passed on to local stockists who sell them at a discounted price to small producers like me. And that’s how everyone benefits from it, them, me and the world. This season, for example, there is going to be a stunning Potter collection that is all sewn from Gucci’s surplus production. The rest of the production process is done in Israel alongside professionals who accompany the business and me from the beginning I am proud to say that my small business supports quite a few families here in Israel.”

Geller’s sweater – NIS 449 (Photo: Liron Wiseman)

The new collection this season stands under the Women Power sign and the new models have been named after inspiring European leaders such as Senna Marin (Prime Minister of Finland), Magdalena/Anderson (Prime Minister of Sweden) and Meda Frederiksen (Prime Minister of Denmark).

The items of the collection are characterized by a relaxed and enabling atmosphere, with no separation between day and evening wear. Each item is designed to accompany the customer 24/7 through sizes ranging from one size/oversize and cuts that do not cling to the body but at the same time produce a feminine, flattering and urban silhouette.

Along with the new collection, you can also find a changing outlet corner of discounted items from previous seasons in the boutique.

Size range 36-48
Price range NIS 99-480
Alkalai 5 (Basel complex) Tel Aviv

The article is Hebrew

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