An incident that shakes the Jordanian street.. A video to force a person to take off his clothes live

In an incident that sparked anger among Jordanian circles, being the first of its kind, the Jordanian security services mobilized to search for a person with precedents who appeared via the Facebook live broadcast feature, and forced another to take off his clothes. refrained from publishing the video due to its sensitivity. In order to preserve the reputation and privacy of the victim.

The video shows “thugs” forcing a person to take off his clothes in front of the camera, and also forcing him to utter obscene words that offend himself as well.

Not only did the “thug” stop at this behavior, but he even forced the person to kiss his foot in front of the camera, in behavior devoid of dignity and human feelings.

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security intervention

For his part, the media spokesman for the Jordanian Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, said that the person who appeared in the video that was circulated and appeared during it as he was bullying a person, threatening him and forcing him to take off his clothes, has come this morning and after raiding several sites where he was suspected of being present, he turned himself in. Ramtha Police Directorate.

The media spokesman confirmed that the most severe legal and administrative measures would be taken against him.

The article is in Arabic

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