Iraq is facing a difficult equation.. The intervention of Iran and Turkey embarrasses the Sudanese

Iraq is facing a difficult equation.. The intervention of Iran and Turkey embarrasses the Sudanese
Iraq is facing a difficult equation.. The intervention of Iran and Turkey embarrasses the Sudanese

In a statement, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry rejected these attacks, saying:

  • The repeated Turkish and Iranian attacks on the Kurdistan region of Iraq violate international covenants and laws.
  • The Government of the Republic of Iraq categorically rejects and strongly condemns the Iranian bombardment of drones and missiles on the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  • The Iraqi government affirms that the territory of Iraq should not be a seat or a passage for causing harm to any of the neighboring countries, and it also refuses that Iraq be an arena for conflicts and settling scores for external parties.

The Iraqi position came after Turkey launched Operation “Claw Sword” in northern Iraq and Syria on Sunday, and Iran announced, through the Revolutionary Guards, the implementation of missile and air strikes during marches on Sunday night, on the headquarters of Iranian Kurdish parties and opposition groups in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The director of the Center for Political Thinking in Baghdad, Ihsan Al-Shammari, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” website: “The situation is dangerous and the Turkish and Iranian attacks are escalating strongly, which makes the new government headed by Al-Sudani very embarrassing in front of the Iraqi people, especially since it has set sovereignty and restoring the state as its title.” And what increases this embarrassment is that many of the supporters of this government and its main constituents are among the Iraqi forces affiliated with Iran.

He added, “What is happening in reality is the imposition of a fait accompli by Turkey and Iran as a result of Iraqi internal weakness, the failure of previous Iraqi governments to deal firmly with Ankara and Tehran’s encroachments on the country’s sovereignty, and their inability to crystallize Iraqi solutions to the problem of the existence of Kurdish, Iranian and Turkish oppositions on Iraqi soil.” The fact that those successive governments were aware that the existence of these oppositions constituted part of the power equations within the Iraqi political context, and for this reason it was not possible to solve this problem, which gave a justification for Tehran and Ankara to continue to violate the Iraqi geography.

wild invasion threat

Al-Shammari added, “The most dangerous thing here is the Turkish and Iranian threats of a massive ground invasion of Iraqi territory, and therefore Baghdad must move quickly to ward off this imminent danger, since the primary responsibility rests with the Iraqi government.”

Iraqi response options

Al-Shammari added: “In the event that Iran and Turkey expand within the Iraqi geography, widespread public anger will erupt in Iraq, because the issue is not limited to military operations under the pretext of fighting Kurdish organizations only, but rather extends to the gnawing of large parts of Iraqi lands, and at that time Baghdad will be in a very difficult position, and for this Al-Sudani’s government must resort to preventive and rapid diplomacy to confront the widening scope of the growing Iranian and Turkish threats to the unity and integrity of the Iraqi national territory.

Exporting the crises of the Turkish and Iranian entrants to Iraq

For his part, the Iraqi writer and researcher Ali Al-Baydar said, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” website: “What is happening, unfortunately, from an Iranian and Turkish encroachment on the sovereignty of Iraq, is the result of exploiting the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through, as the two neighboring countries of Iraq, Iran and Turkey, export , their internal problems and crises in Iraq, and putting pressure on the Iranian and Turkish opposition through the policy of escaping forward to the outside.

Al-Baydar added, “Tehran and Ankara undoubtedly have expansionist tendencies and special interests to extend their influence within Mesopotamia and the Arab region as a whole, and Iraq, due to its internal and regional tensions, is a fertile environment for these policies.”

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