Lebanon is in a dark tunnel.. The anniversary of independence is on the way to the vacancy crisis

Lebanon is in a dark tunnel.. The anniversary of independence is on the way to the vacancy crisis
Lebanon is in a dark tunnel.. The anniversary of independence is on the way to the vacancy crisis

On Thursday, the Lebanese parliament is scheduled to hold the seventh session to elect a new president for the republic, in light of the absence of any positive indications of the possibility of overcoming the “pitfalls” of the previous six sessions that led, during the past few weeks, to the failure to elect the president.

internal dilemma

According to the results of a quick opinion poll, conducted by “Sky News Arabia” with different groups expressing the views of the “opposing parties” within the framework of the so-called “Lebanese consensual democracy”, the current dilemma in Lebanon seems more internal than external, based on the data. next:

  • The lack of clarity of the content of the positions of the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement”, Representative Gebran Bassil, regarding his only rival, former minister Suleiman Franjieh, and therefore regarding what “Hezbollah” is betting on according to the barometer of measuring the chances of the two competitors to reach the presidency.
  • The head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, confirmed the decline in Hezbollah’s ability, this time, in the field of imposing its candidate to reach Baabda Palace.
  • Geagea’s announcement, also, that the “strong republic bloc” could miss a session or a few sessions.

sincere intentions

Amidst this atmosphere, the head of the Cultural Association in the city of Tripoli, journalist Ramez Al-Fari, congratulated the Lebanese on the occasion of Independence Day, expressing his deep regret at the absence of an official celebration and military parade on this national occasion due to the failure to elect a president of the Lebanese Republic.

In an intervention with “Sky News Arabia”, Al-Furri criticized what he described as “the lightness with which some of the nation’s representatives deal with the fateful presidential election for all the Lebanese, stressing the following points:

  • In light of the economic, social and health collapse that we have not witnessed since independence, the current situation can no longer tolerate this procrastination and indifference in electing a new president.
  • The US dollar, whose exchange rate has now reached the threshold of 40,000 Lebanese pounds, compared to what was the case during the last presidential vacancy (2014-2016), when it was fixed at the ceiling of 1,500 pounds, has become imperative for Parliament to carry out its responsibilities towards the country. And the people, let them immediately initiate the election of a new president who is in line with the aspirations of the Lebanese, with the immediate start of the reform process and the eradication of corruption from its roots.

external positions

While awaiting the convening of the House of Representatives session, Thursday, to elect a new president for the republic, several Arab and international positions emerged, as follows:

  • The positive climate reflected in French President Emmanuel Macron’s talks with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Bangkok, on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Islands Summit, according to what was revealed by the Elysee Palace two days ago.
  • Noting that the French will undertake a new tour with the Lebanese political forces, before Macron’s next meeting with US President Joe Biden, amid data indicating that Lebanon will be a major item in the meeting.
  • Diplomatic sources in Paris affirmed that “there is a serious tendency among some countries to launch joint efforts among them, to prepare an urgent move regarding the presidential file in Lebanon, which will speed up the election of a president for the republic next year.”
  • The US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, announced in new statements about Lebanon that “failing to elect a president for the republic will lead Lebanon to an unprecedented political vacuum, which threatens the state’s social collapse.”

Army readiness

It is noteworthy that the Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun, pointed out to the military, on Monday, that “the seventy-ninth Independence Day is upon us while our country is going through exceptional circumstances that require everyone, officials and citizens, awareness, wisdom, responsibility and cooperation for the supreme national interest, while waiting for the political situation to be rectified.” and restore institutional order.

It is also noteworthy that General Aoun stressed in his speech, on the eve of Independence Day, that “armies are built for difficult times, and Lebanon’s strength and unity come from your strength, and know that the confidence of the Lebanese and the international community in you is the brightest proof of the importance of your role.”

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