Russia responds to the “Crimea’s statements” and thwarts the Zaporizhya operation

Russia responds to the “Crimea’s statements” and thwarts the Zaporizhya operation
Russia responds to the “Crimea’s statements” and thwarts the Zaporizhya operation

Source: Sky News

The official spokesman for the Russian presidency, Dmitry Peskov, considered that the statements of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the return of Crimea to his country indicate Kyiv’s unwillingness or willingness to solve problems by non-military means.

“From the very beginning, President Vladimir Putin spoke about this more than once before the start of the special operation,” Peskov said. “The constitution of Ukraine stipulated that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine by force. Ukraine de facto did not reject this, and for us it is nothing more than a discussion.” “The issue of transferring property from Russian lands, there can be no other understanding here. This is out of the question.”

Ukrainian forces killed

On the ground, a member of the Main Council of the Zaporozhye Province Administration, Vladimir Rogov, confirmed that an infiltration attempt by a Ukrainian “sabotage” and reconnaissance group in the Bologovsky region of Zaporizhya Province had been thwarted.

And the Russian agency “Sputnik” quoted Rogov as saying that more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers were eliminated in this operation, and several “pickup” trucks, three armored vehicles and other armored cars were destroyed.

According to Rogov, “all attempts by the Ukrainian side to break through the front line were resolutely rebuffed.”

NATO warns of an “coming scenario”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stressed, on Friday, that Ukraine would not back down, saying that there would be no lasting peace in Ukraine if Russia won.

And Stoltenberg said, during a press conference: “We must support Ukraine until we reach a political solution to the conflict with Russia.”

The Secretary-General of NATO added that it is time to welcome Finland and Sweden to NATO.

Earlier this November, Ukrainian diplomats said that their country does not refuse to negotiate with Russia, but what is required first is its complete withdrawal from all “temporarily occupied” Ukrainian lands.

This assertion came, in response to a recent report by US media, that President Joe Biden’s administration is secretly encouraging Ukraine’s leaders to show openness to negotiating with Russia and abandon their public refusal to engage in peace talks.

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