Human Resources explains the fact that social security benefits are paid again

Human Resources explains the fact that social security benefits are paid again
Human Resources explains the fact that social security benefits are paid again

The Ministry of Human Resources within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia works to provide assistance to its citizens in all regions and continuously takes into account social conditions in order to support citizens in the Kingdom and to confront changes, various living difficulties and high prices, while many citizens inside the Kingdom ask for the provision of social security once again.

The citizen account program helps many users, including the head of the family, in identifying the various features that the Ministry of Human Resources facilitates for him. The account also helps him control many government portals and causes an additional burden for all segments of society, while Al-Mukarramah contributes to increasing the expected income of citizens inside the Kingdom.

Developer Social Security

The developed social security seeks to increase the well-being of citizens by taking various measures and obtaining various food and shelter resources in order to improve health, which aims at the well-being of the population in many different sectors, while social security offers many different services, including social insurance, where people get benefits Various services to contribute to the insurance program, including (medical care – financial support – retirement, health and safety).

Social security is also concerned with preserving public income, as it provides the population with appropriate income in various times, especially in times of high cost and high living standards, while financial assistance contributes to covering the various needs of citizens, including food, housing and clothing, while some cities have special programs that are managed without conditions for contributions and without a survey of financial resources. .

There are many social security systems similar to the developed social security, including:

  • Social Security in Australia.
  • Social security in Indonesia.
  • Social security in Iran.
  • Social Security in Canada.
  • Social security in France.

Respond to exchange the honorable again

The Human Resources Authority clarified that it did not issue any official decisions regarding the disbursement of the award again, after the increase in rumors and inaccurate news regarding the disbursement of the award in the coming period through some news sites that are inaccurate in transmitting the news content.

The authority also made it clear that whoever wishes to obtain the developed social security must possess the Saudi nationality and be a permanent resident in the Kingdom, and not receive more than three thousand Saudi riyals.