video| A long separation and a sudden meeting… Details of a Saudi “reunion” with his Egyptian mother after 32 years

video| A long separation and a sudden meeting… Details of a Saudi “reunion” with his Egyptian mother after 32 years
video| A long separation and a sudden meeting… Details of a Saudi “reunion” with his Egyptian mother after 32 years

“When they told me, after 3 decades of separation, that my son was looking for me, and then I met him, I did not believe what was happening, mixed feelings between shock and joy.” .. Words that reveal the feelings of the heroine of the most famous human stories that topped social networking sites during the past days, after her son returned to her arms after an absence of more than thirty years.
As is the case in dramatic stories, the matter turned into a reality that a Saudi young man and his Egyptian mother lived through various and influential events, but it ended with a happy ending despite all odds, as the young man found his mother after all those years.
How did the story begin?
The young man, Turki Al-Sunaid, narrated the details of his story through the media, explaining that he was deprived of his mother when he was young at the age of four, when she traveled to Cairo to visit her family, so that his father would separate from her in Cairo and return without her and deprive him of her, then they told his mother later that he had died.
He added that he lived his childhood with his grandmother or his father’s mother until he reached the age of 16 and his grandmother died, after which he lived with one of his elderly female relatives until he got married at the age of twenty-eight, and throughout this period he was searching for his mother through the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh, but to no avail, according to the newspaper. “Previously.”
Al-Sunaid continued: “After that, I traveled to Egypt to search for my mother, and I went to the Saudi embassy in Cairo to find all the papers that belong to my mother and father. We searched with the concerned Egyptian authorities for more than one address, and finally I found them.”
The Saudi embassy in Cairo contacted the missing mother, and they told her after they gradually told her about her son’s situation, until she finally met him.
Impressive reactions
In an interview on the “Sabah Al-Arabiya” program, the young man appeared next to his mother, and “Turki” confirmed that he did not believe at first that he had finally found his mother, referring to the long search journey he undertook to reach her, and how he sought the help of his relatives, but to no avail.
After all roads were blocked in front of him through family and acquaintances, he traveled to Egypt immediately after Eid Al-Fitr, and went to the Saudi Embassy in Cairo and found all the papers related to his parents’ file, and indeed they helped him and contacted the Egyptian concerned authorities that searched in more than one place for the missing mother until they found her.
During the meeting, the young man appeared crying..and the mother struggled with her tears in an attempt to hold on, confirming her amazement so far at what happened, but she indicated that she tried a lot to communicate with her son in Saudi Arabia, but she did not succeed in that because of the refusal of her ex-husband’s family.
She confirmed that she spoke to them on the phone several times and asked them to hear his voice only .. However, they refused, and told her that they had told her little girl that she had died, so she asked them to hear his voice over the phone and not tell him that she was his mother, so they also refused, until they told her that he had died, so she did not believe when she learned That her son is there and looking for her.
The mother, with confusion, expressed the mixed feelings she felt when she saw her son for the first time after these long years, and that the matter was very shocking and confusing, but he was happy at the same time, noting that she also spoke with her daughter-in-law and her grandson.