The Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Kfir Suisa, is on his way to establish a mezuzah in Cannes

The first cornerstone was laid for the Israeli pavilion in Cannes: these days, the Israeli pavilion was established on the French Riviera at the Cannes Film Festival, the most important film festival in the world, which takes place between May 16-27, 2023.

The Israeli Pavilion was established for the seventh time under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and will be dedicated to film creation, co-productions and collaborations between the Israeli film industry and foreign film industries.

The pavilion will serve as a meeting place for Israeli and foreign creators who wish to find partners for the films they wish to bring to the world. For the first time, industry people from Morocco and Africa, including creators, producers, industry people and fund managers, will meet with Israeli industry people, to find a common denominator to work together for the first time.

In addition, 12 events and meetings are planned to take place in the pavilion with industry people, some of them from the countries of Austria, Italy, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany and Great Britain.

There will also be joint panels in the pavilion, including the “Women’s Panel”, which will deal with ways to retain women over 40 in the film industry, the “South is the Center” panel, which will provide a glimpse of the magic of filmmaking on the margins in collaboration with the School of Sound and Screen Arts at Sapir College, the South Film Festival 22 in Sderot and “Studio Darom” and a panel “Short films – new actors”, which will deal with the problems of the industry and how new and new actors can help solve them.

The Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Kafir Soysa is now on his way to Cannes, where he will open the activity at the pavilion and hold a mezuzah setting ceremony there on Thursday, May 18, at 11:00.

The message behind the pavilion is “Zoom in Find more” which emphasizes Israel’s cultural wealth despite its small size, and it will stand alongside other pavilions from around the world.

Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Kafir Suissa: “I am proud of the establishment of the Israeli pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival to mark 75 years of creation and consider it of great importance. The State of Israel can be proud of the fruits of the labor of our film industry people throughout the 75 years of the state, and of course leverage this work for international collaborations. We already have active co-production agreements, additional agreements are on the way to be signed and realized soon.

Following the Avraham agreements, film cooperation with Morocco began, and Moroccan industry executives will arrive for the first time at the Israeli pavilion as an official delegation. The pavilion is designed to give the people of the Israeli industry a home for meetings and the creation of collaborations in film and television, which we will all enjoy and be proud of,” Suissa added.

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