The psychologist murdered his son – and then ended his life

A Utah doctor murdered his teenage son and then took his own life. The bodies of Perth Gandy, 49, and his 16-year-old son were found Saturday morning at the Psychedelic Research and Therapy Offices in Salt Lake City, KSLTV News reported.

Gandhi worked in offices as a neuropsychologist and ran a clinic with a “psychedelic focus”. It is not clear what exactly psychedelic treatment includes, or if the clinic advocates the use of illegal substances.

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It is also not yet known whether psychedelic drugs or other substances were present in Gandhi’s body or in the body of his son, whose name has not been released due to his age.

“Our detectives are still looking for more information trying to understand, trying to answer the question of what could be the motive that made him do this,” Brent Weisberg of the Salt Lake City Police Department told KSLTV News.

The network noted that Gandhi mentioned using medication for depression, anxiety and substance abuse on social media. He also posted on Facebook in December 2022 to celebrate his son’s musical abilities.

“I’m in complete shock. It’s not something I would have imagined he would do,” Rachel Ciselwicz told FOX13 about the tragedy. Siselevich said Gandhi previously taught yoga at her studio, Centered City Yoga. “We had youth groups in our studio. He would volunteer and teach for free just to help the children,” she said of the doctor.

Denise Druce told Outlet magazine that she also knew Gandhi from her yoga and riding classes. “Until we have more details, I’m going to keep my discretion and fill my heart with compassion,” Drus said.

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