The airline announces major disruptions this summer

Dutch low-cost carrier Transavia is canceling 335 flights until the end of June due to a shortage of aircraft, subsidiary KLM announced on Tuesday. The airline previously canceled 5 percent of its flights in April and May due to the same problem, with at least 2,000 passengers now demanding compensation for those canceled flights.

The cancellations will affect 160 flights departing from the Netherlands and 160 regular return flights from other destinations back to the Netherlands, including flights from Tbilisi to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and back. However, many passenger transit flights may be disrupted in the countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Iceland, Greece , Morocco, Denmark, Croatia and Cyprus.

The airline announced this week the changes to the flight schedule through its website and said: “We fully understand that by doing so we will ruin the travel plans. We apologize for this frustrating situation. This is of course not what you should expect from us,” Transavia wrote in a statement, adding, “We do Everything we can to take as many passengers as possible to their destinations. About 95 percent of our flights can continue as planned. However, this also means that we still have to change or cancel some of them,” the airline admitted.

Canceling due to a lack of planes. Transavia | Photo: VanderWolf Images, shutterstock

Transavia has too little capacity for the busy spring and summer seasons, partly because of delayed arrival of leased aircraft and required repairs. The maintenance and repairs are taking longer than the airline expected, and it said it is still waiting for needed parts for its planes.

The airline said it would announce additional flight cancellations for July and August on May 25. “By adjusting our flight schedule, we can run the rest of our schedule as planned and minimize last-minute disappointments.”

It is recommended to check Transavia’s official website or contact its customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding flight cancellations and any alternative arrangements it may offer. The company must provide passengers with the necessary assistance and guidance regarding their travel plans.

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